WIW and NAS Report

Hi Everyone!

I had my NAS pre-select appointment on Friday and it was mainly a bust. I ended up buying one bra, which was a duplicate of one I already own and like. I might buy the matching underwear after the sale goes live. It's been so hot here lately...I'm just not motivated to buy sweaters and boots and things that will moulder in my closet for months before I can wear them. And the watch selection at our Nordstrom was different than online. Even the one I had my eye on that I asked the salesperson to pull ended up being different (much more bling on the one at our store than the same model is showing online). Not sure what's going on there, but I decided that I will put off watch buying until after my trip and ask for one for my birthday. I have a large gold bracelet I can wear instead of the watch, and I think it will have the same kind of effect in accessorizing an outfit.

This week I'm running around doing last minute errands before I leave Monday. Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend and conference roommate and we are going through her closet to pick accessories for her outfits, which I think will be really fun. There may be shoe shopping involved. She'd never heard of The Rack! So that would definitely be our first stop. :)

Here's what I wore to my appointment Friday. Thanks for reading and looking. :)


The Fourth

Hi Everyone!

We finally got our old apartment cleaned up and turned the keys in yesterday. We spent most of today settling into our new place, but in the evening we headed over to our friends' house for hot dogs and (small-scale) fireworks. I made a cherry pie and honey-rhubarb crumble, which doesn't look like much but is nice and tart. I love rhubarb! The whole evening was really fun and I ate a ton! :D

It's been hot outside, but not unbearable (high 90s). I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to wash since I knew we'd be outside in the grass. I'm still not completely unpacked, so I don't have access to a lot of my accessories right now.

Dress: Target
Vest: Madewell
Necklace: Betsy Johnson
Shoes: Nine West

Thanks for looking! All comments and suggestions appreciated. :)


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